The New Yorker is a unique portrait subject for portrait, physique and fashion photography in New York City. He or she may arrive from the surrounding suburbs of New Jersey, Jersey City, Rockland County, West Chester, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or from a faraway land like Europe, China, Japan, the Middle East or Africa.

What makes New York City so unique for photography of men and women is that most of the people living in New York City are on their way in or out of NYC whether they know it yet or not.

Everyone has a unique character and beauty that I try to capture with my intimate photographic style. I usually spend time with my NYC models to get to know them and their New York City dreams and their background. I also like to learn about their lives in New York City and try to keep it in mind when I photograph them in my New York City photo studio. My current specialty is men’s sport and fitness photography. I always see the underdog, the hidden gems of New York City, living not only in Manhattan but the New York City men living in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island: all the 5 boroughs!

To me the photography of my models in New York City and specially mens photography in New York City is a form of meditation with my models to create pictures that transcend the boundaries of tradition. I try to get an image of the New York City man’s soul through my photography. What you see on numbphoto.com is just a sampling of some of my photography of men and women in New York City.

My approach to the photography of men and women in New York City is not just to get the best headshots and portraits, but also to make the photoshoot a fun, memorable experience for the model and show it in the pictures I create. I know the hardships of living in New York City. The current economic downturn has left young men and women in NYC with less means and more problems than they can handle. Through my photography of men and women in New York City, I am not only creating art but getting them headshots to use for jobs, online dating or finding friends or finding mates or finding their soulmates. I’m also offering the struggling New York City actor, singer, rapper, artist, and everyday office worker in NYC a time to indulge in his or her own beauty and realize a pice of their NYC dreams. I may use light to show a man’s leg muscle in the best form or I may use the same light but a different angle to flatter a weather-beaten face. I do it all for the young men and women of New York City who need photography in the name of Art.

In the past 20 years, I have photographed New York City men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. NYC has the finest looking people from all over the world: Latin, black/African American men are really under represented in commercial advertising but I find them perfect models. My New York City men’s photography is also great for people of Asian heritage, Middle Eastern and mixed race men and women use my pictures for all sorts of purposes. They print them out to give them to the family or friends.They use them as head shots for modeling jobs or just new jobs. They use them in their LinkedIn profile, on facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram to make new friends.

So please dont be shy, look around, read the blog, contact me to open up hidden photo galleries and book a NYC Photoshoot!